Travel Workout Clothes: What You Need to Know

Travel Workout Clothes: What You Need to Know

Travel, for many, is about indulgence, which often translates to over-eating and lounging around without a care in the world – and that’s completely fine! But for those of us who want to get our workout in, no matter where we go, one question should come to mind: what do I need to pack? Let’s talk about the best travel workout clothes you need to take on your next trip.

Where Will You Go?

Determine these two factors before preparing your bag: What do you intend to do (i.e. how are you going to exercise)? And where do you intend to do it? The answers to these questions can make your decision a whole lot easier.

What: Will you be performing a traditional gym workout or is your exercise focused on one activity?

  • Hiking or swimming will indubitably require different outfits, unless trekking up a mountain in speedos is your thing.
  • Are you more of a gym goer or is nature more up your alley?

Where: Are you going to be inside or outside? If outside, what is the climate like?

  • The environment you’ll be in should determine what travel outfit you bring along. Running in the tropics of Southeast Asia looks and feels completely different than doing so in the frigid winter months of Scandinavia. Trust us, we’ve experienced both.

What To Look For in Travel Workout Clothes

The ideal travel workout outfit needs to be: durable, comfortable, and versatile. Although similar to an outfit you’d wear at home, travel workout clothes must meet more stringent standards.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The last thing you want to happen is have your clothes break down on you in the middle of a workout, halfway around the world. You’ll need to find articles that are made of durable, yet flexible materials. The fabric your clothing is made of is important because it will determine how much give it can take as you move through your workout. Take note of how the piece is constructed and tug at the seams to ensure they are well sewn. Quality may come at a higher price, but it is absolutely worth it. Our recommendation is to purchase one or two quality pieces over several cheaply made garments.


Comfort is key when it comes to exercise. Ideally, every piece should fit you perfectly, allowing you to focus on your workout. Key attributes that affect comfort are: Breathability – does this article allow for the flow of air? Sizing – are these shorts too tight? Is this shirt so loose that it’s interfering with the workout? Sweat Wicking – what technologies do these pants implement to keep me cool? Lightweight – do I feel dragged down when I’m wearing this?

Those are the questions you should be asking for every single piece you purchase. Spend the time to get to know what works for your body.


Consider how many uses you’ll be able to get out of one garment. Running shorts that double as swimming trunks can save you precious space in your bag. Similarly, think realistically about how many times you’ll be able to wear something without having to wash it. You might find yourself in a situation where washing machines are few and far between; keep in mind how much odor a piece traps.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Packing List of Travel Workout Clothes

From bottom to top, let’s cover what articles you should bring along, and point you to some of our favorites.

  • Socks

If you’re going to do a lot of walking or running, purchase socks made of merino wool. It’s a backpacker’s secret to keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and stink-free. This material is well known for maintaining a moderate temperature at all times, whether in the blistering heat or numbing cold. We recommend these Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks.

  • Underwear

Arguably one of the most important pieces is your underwear, as it sees a lot of friction when you move. For a comfortable fit and breathability, try on a pair of these briefs for Men and these for Women. For Women’s tops, try these.

  • Shorts & Pants

Purchase some shorts that allow you to workout on the road just as they do at home. Pick a length that suits you and your style, and focus on the material. If you’re heading to a cold climate, you’ll want something that provides coverage, whereas a hot climate might demand greater breathability. These convertible pants give you the best of both worlds by providing you the flexibility to choose how much length you need.

  • Shirts & Tops

Find a shirt or top that you’re comfortable wearing and that provides the protection you need. Choose materials that help protect you against the sun if you’ll be out for a long time, such as these rashguards often used for surfing.

  • Jacket

A good jacket or windbreaker is essential when facing the cold, so don’t neglect to pack one. These windbreakers pack down to a small size, are made of quality materials, and provide a lot of protection for runners. They even include a hood to keep your head warm!


If working out is an essential part of your everyday life, you’ll want to continue to do so even if you’re on vacation. Ensure you’re prepared to exercise by bringing along the adequate travel workout clothes you’ll need to make it happen. As always, get out there and make your travel dreams come true and Journey to Travel!

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